Top 5 Most Satisfying LOL Champions

This article covers the most satisfying champions to play in League of Legends, one for each position. The satisfaction gained from playing a champion is a result of a combination of things. This article is by no means a definitive answer to the question “Who should I main for the rest of my life?”. Such a question shouldn’t be asked. Rather, it is a guide to those looking for new champions to play, perhaps even in new roles. I can guarantee you that these champions grant rewarding and engaging gameplay, and will leave you coming back for more.

Top lane – Nasus


Power spikes in champions can be compared to delayed gratification in life. Waiting a bit for a better reward beats getting a lesser one now. Nasus’s infinitely stacking Q damage mechanic is a perfect example of delayed gratification. Although Nasus has a tough time against hard hitting early game top laners like Renekton or Darius, his power ramp up is worth the wait. His kit is easy to learn and abuse, and you’ll find yourself cruising through low elo in no time. Lifesteal, tankiness and infinite scaling make Nasus a top laners best friend

Jungle – Lee Sin

Lee Sin

Yes, it feels great 1v3ing out of nowhere with outrageous damage and sustain, but you know what else is great? Jumping from champ to champ pulling off insane plays which make you look – and feel – like a genius. Compared to Nasus, Lee Sin is hard to learn and even harder to master. Knowing the perfect time to go in, the perfect angle to ult, and perfect ability order to execute will take hours of gameplay to sink in. You’ll know from your very first game though that the journey to mastering Lee Sin will be just as good as the destination.

Mid – Yasuo


The journey to mastery applied to Lee Sin can similarly be applied to Yasuo. Yasuo is one of if not the most played champions in the game, and for obvious reason: he’s fun. Short cooldowns on his Q and E make it feel like you can always do something with him. There’s never a time with Yasuo in which you feel helpless and give up. There’s always some way you can manipulate your Q, W or E into making the best of the situation. And don’t even get me started on landing massive ults, whether by virtue of a well shot tornado or well timed cooperation with your team. Having a Malphite land a 3 man knock up only for you to follow up with an ult from miles away is League teamwork at its finest. You’ll never be bored playing this guy.

Bot – Vayne


Once again we land a champion who is difficult but rewarding to play. In the wrong hands Vayne can be demolished by simple CC followed up by damage. In the right hands she can pull off crazy 1v5s in the late game. She is also one of the many champs with a 3 auto attack passive proc, but is unique in the fact that she must attack the target only 3 times consecutively. Something about chunking a full build Sion for a third of his health with 3 auto attacks just hits the spot. You’ll have trouble in the beginning, but over time you’ll realize what makes Vayne the beast she is. 

Support – Senna


Okay, this one is personal. I have spent many a hour dabbling in vast the champion pool which League of Legends comprises. It is not often that I find myself a champion who I want to play every single game from the moment I set eyes on their kit. Yeah, she’s squishy and immobile, but dude, have you seen her late game range? Just the concept of infinitely scaling auto attack range is something to behold, but then you remember that AD, crit and lifesteal stack too. She’s not your usual tank or caster, so she might be quite an adjustment if you’re a support main.  


Every champion in League of Legends has their things. Their combos, their mobility, their high skill caps, their power spikes. Put enough time into them and you could enjoy any of the champs on offer. These 5 are just particularly satisfying and attractive in the experience of their playstyle. If you haven’t played them, I recommend doing so. Don’t let them disparage you from playing others though. After all, they were all made to be enjoyed.

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