LOL COUNTER GUIDES is here to help you change your game. We provide in-depth articles which address all sorts of match-ups. Any champion in this game can be played around, all it takes is knowledge, experience and skill. We are here to provide you with our share of all three.

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Articles deal with the technicalities of match ups that you will often find yourself dealing with in League of Legends. They engage with how you should adjust your mechanics in the early game, through runes and itemization as well as how to team fight and play in the late game according to the match up.

Reading these articles gaurentees a growth in your knowledge of League of Legends. Knowing how lanes will pan out depending on the reliability of the match up is a great advantage to have both during champion select and in game.

We use a mix of statistics, experience and analysis to decipher the best ways to handles lanes. Win rates across all elos are examined to find possible reasons why certain match ups end the way they do according to the elo that they are played in.

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