Noob jungle never ganks: League pyschology

“Noob jungle never ganks”, the guide to making the most of the players around you. 

League of Legends is a difficult and frustrating game, especially when you are put in situations where you feel you have no power. Sometimes, it can be close to true. Inters, flamers and afkers are hard to overcome. Hard. Not impossible.

I want to help you make the most of the power you never lose – the power over yourself. To make the most out of dark situations, to soar towards the light and out of the darkness, to climb the ranks of League. It’s going to take perseverance, effort, patience and time, but you’ll get there, as long as you want to. 

Number One: People make mistakes

The bad plays of others can be so horrific that they tempt you to forget how to play yourself. Maybe there’s an over association at hand, you see one bad play, forget that this happens to everyone and conclude that “this Kayn is iron”. People make mistakes, and bad ones too. League is all about learning from those mistakes, getting better at the game and avoiding making them again. You can’t judge how good a player you’ve never played with before is just by seeing them do one thing wrong. Don’t let a short-sighted judgement make you grief and give up a game before it’s lost.

The same fact applies to the enemy team. Maybe a player on your team keeps committing what you would consider cardinal sins of the League of Legends game, but so will players on the enemy team. Just because you’re losing a game, doesn’t mean it’s lost.  Even if your jungler is farming when he should be ganking, maybe the enemy jungler is doing the same thing. Although it may be frustrating to see the enemy team capitalize on your junglers mistakes, that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on theirs.

Number 2: Consider their strategy

People can be quick to dismiss any plan which is an alternative to theirs. A dismissal of someone else’s plan can sometimes lead to having no plan at all, which is worse than having a bad plan, as my dad always said. Try not to be against other’s ideas just because they aren’t yours. If they fail, whether you agreed or not, take responsibility rather than throw blame. A bad baron call which leads them catching your team out badly positioned and ending the game? Maybe you should have convinced your team not to go for it. Maybe you should have provided an alternative, or maybe it was the right call after all, you or someone in your team just didn’t position correctly and got caught out. 

That’s a lot of maybes, but uncertainty and probability is a fundamental part of League of Legends. Try not to act certain of everything in League. The first step to overcoming uncertainty is acknowledging its existence. You don’t always know why your ”noob jungler” made a bad play, you don’t always know whether a baron call was bad, and you’ll never know when a game could turn around out of nowhere.

Number 3: Ultimate Responsibility

Don’t ask what your team can do for you, ask what you can do for your team. You will lose games, and you will have people who play badly in your games. You will also always have the power to play your best. It sounds cringe, but it’s true. When you let your noob jungler get to you, you become the noob yourself. Take control of that which you can – your own champion. Look for ways in which you can work around your team’s mistakes. Be the guy who doesn’t give up. Be the one who looks forward. 

Final thoughts

People are so quick to judge and to let their mental fall. A noob jungler does not mean a lost game. Try to empathize, to remember when you made those mistakes. What would you want to hear if you were in their position? Would you really want to be told how bad you are? Or would you rather be given encouraging advice which leads to you being a better player? I think the latter. Change the way you play, and you will change the way those around you play.

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