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How To Counter Teemo With Nasus

Why did you come to How To Counter Teemo With Nasus?

You came to the conclusion that Nasus is one of the best top laners in low elo. You won your last 8/10 games. All you did stack Q and take your role as the big dog in the mid-late game. 1 of the losses was because your team had an afk. The other loss, the last game you played, left you nonplussed. You were unable to stack. Farming and stacking was difficult, because the poke was too harsh. You found yourself being kited left right and centre, and you, disgracing yourself and your champion, fed Teemo.

It happens to the best of us

This is how to prevent that from ever happening again. This is how to counter Teemo with Nasus.

To counter Teemo with Nasus is a difficult task. It takes precision, timing and decisiveness. It’is one of the most challenging lanes you can play in as a Nasus. Although difficult, it is not impossible. Laning, itemization and late game strategy is going to take you through to elo heaven. It doesn’t matter how many Teemos you have to face on your way there.

If you don’t have any idea how Teemo works, and all you know is that he is a pain to play against, check out his abilities here.

Laning Phase: Nasus Vs Teemo

Q Stack Purgatory

The toughest part of this game is going to be the laning phase. In essence, Teemo is everything a Nasus doesn’t want to play against in the top lane. He has early damage, high movement speed, kite potential, range and the worst of all: A blind. Teemo’s blind will be the peril of your Q stacks. Everytime you are about to get 12 stacks off a large minion he’ll say ‘nope’ and Q you. You’ve been blinded, and your auto attacks don’t do any damage.

Want to know a secret? Your Q will still apply it’s bonus damage, even when you’re blinded.  At the beginning of the lane, this damage will be insignificant. You probably won’t be able to use it to stack efficiently. As the game goes on, you’ll realize that one of the most important things when it comes to beating Teemo as Nasus is survival.

Maxing E???

Yes, Teemo will punish you early, but all you have to do is survive. Farm up and harass with your E. By level 11 you’ll be showing that little devil the true meaning of ‘big dog’. When it comes to lanes like this, it’s a sad but necessary sacrifice to max your E before your Q. This means that you’ll be getting far less Q stacks in the early game, but with well timed Es you’ll still be able to farm up while harassing. The early damage from a maxed E will surprise you. If you can catch Teemo off guard you might just be able to sneak an early kill, or at least do enough damage to make him think twice about staying in lane.

That brings us to our next point: Junglers. Both of you are vulnerable to jungle ganks. A successful gank for either champion could result in disaster for the other. If you get cocky and push up the lane with your E, only to be punished for your audacity and given 10 seconds of grey screen to consider your actions, you’ll regret it. Teemo will use that to build upon the early gold advantage he probably already has, and will make sure that you never get to stacking.

Where is my jungler?

However, freeze your lane near your tower by only using your E on Teemo without hitting minions, setting up for an easy gank from your jungler as long as it’s before Teemo can put down a minefield of mushrooms, and the gold advantage you gain will put you on track for stacks. If Teemo has hit 6, your jungler needs to come with a control ward in hand or use a creative entrance.

If Teemo freezes the lane near his tower, use your E to shove it through to his tower and bring it back to your side. Stay safe and alive in the laning phase until you can pick up items. By level 11 you will dominate fights as long as you can get on top of him without being kited.

Building Against Teemo with Nasus

Grasp? Nah

You’re gonna have to drop the ol Grasp of the Undying for this game. It isn’t going to work nearly as well as it usually does if you’re getting blinded, kited and outranged. You need to go old school, and rock Phase Rush.

Phase Rush will make sure you have the speed to keep up with Teemo when you can finally stonk him, and will also give you some escape potential when it comes to ganks. If you can land an EWQ on either the jungler or Teemo, regardless of whether you’re blinded or not, you will get a substantial movement speed increase and have a much better chance of escaping the gank. Run Flash, to find the sneaky early opportunities in which you can punish a Teemo for staying too long in lane even when you’ve been cutting him down with your E, and TP, because the harass is going to be painful and you’re going to need swift passage between base and lane if you want to stay up to scratch with your stacks.


The first item you have to pick up is Spectre’s Cowl. Its HP regeneration will help you stay alive and stay in lane, while the MR will minimize Teemo’s damage, as he doesn’t do much besides magic.

Mythic options

Your item choices are going to depend on how well you’re fairing in lane. Maybe you got an early gank which resulted in a kill. You’re ahead, and want to keep it that way. You can get some damage, like a Sheen into a Tri Force to try zone Teemo off his farm and keep yourself in yours.

Or maybe it went the other way around. You got ganked, now you’re sad and Beemo is reminding you of your particular allergies. You need Spectre’s Cowl. Don’t finish it into Spirit Visage though. Rather go for a Turbo Chemtank mythic first. One of your biggest problems will be getting to Teemo, and it’s active will help you in your struggle.

Buy some control wards for his mushrooms. Maybe even a sweeper if he’s ahead.

Late Game

As you venture into the mid-late game, you will be ready to take up your role as the tank who deals tons of damage. Teemo doesn’t have much of a teamfight presence, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best: Soaking up damage for your teammates, proccing Phase Rush for mobility, withering and Q stacking their carries.

Final Thoughts

To counter Teemo as Nasus, all you need to do is survive the first 10 levels without losing too much farm, and build accordingly. The first kill you get will mark the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end.

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