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How to Counter Syndra with Fizz

Welcome to How to Counter Syndra with Fizz. Syndra is a pesky backline mage whose spheres hit like planets in the late game. She’s got the range and the CC to take you out from a distance, but in close quarters she gets deleted like any other squishy.

Fish Fish FISH!

Fizz’s high mobility, high damage engage, and ability to dodge Syndra’s ultimate from day 1 makes him the perfect counter to this dark sorceress. In this article we will cover how to play against Syndra as Fizz through laning mechanics, itemization and late game strategy.

Syndra vs Fizz: Laning


The first and foremost reason that Fizz counters Syndra is Playful/Trickster. From levels 1-5, you can dodge Syndra’s E with yours. This means that as long as you have your E up Syndra can’t stop you from engaging if you’re close enough. Take advantage of Syndras who don’t respect your early damage. If you can Q AA W AA proccing either PTA or Electrocute Syndra won’t be able to respond. She can use E to knock you back and stop you from dashing towards her. This will mean she will have wasted her stun and you can play aggressive for the next 15 seconds or so.

Respec the Damage

Only get close enough to do that when you have your E up though. If you don’t, Syndra can dish out a ranged stun and stop your engage. You have to respect Syndra’s E Stun W Q combo. With a bit of movement speed from your passive and boots you can dodge her abilities by staying mobile, but you ain’t gon dodge notin’ if you’re stunned.

Let the wave push

Letting the wave push into you for as long as possible will be ideal. When it gets under tower, you won’t lose any farm because you can get all the minions with your W. If Syndra has to farm by staying far up the lane, she is vulnerable to ganks. Her only form of escape would be her stun, which you can dodge! If you can land a long range ult when Syndra is in the middle of lane or closer, she is pretty much dead.

Migratory Fish

A wise Syndra might realise your engage potential and let the wave push back into her. With prio, you can look to gank bot lane with a cheeky ult and start snowballing. You could even bait Syndra into following you and kill her in the river. Syndra won’t take well to surprise shark attacks.

Always dodge the stun

When fighting a level 6 Syndra, you are given two choices: Dodge the stun or dodge the ult. You should almost always dodge the stun. You might think – but oh, the ult does so much damage! But if you’re stunned, how are you going to dodge the ult? Dodging the stun secures you from definite hits from her skillshots. You should also keep in mind the amount of spheres Syndra has spawned. The more she has, the more damage her ult will do. If she has already wasted her E, then dodge the ult.

Save your E

Don’t abuse your E to wave clear. You are going to need your E for dodging and escaping. Syndra will only stun you if her force push slams a sphere into you. This does not mean that you can prevent yourself from being stunned as long you aren’t lined up with a sphere. Syndra can spawn a sphere after she Es to surprise stun you. Watch Bjergsen do it here.

As long as you can get to Syndra before you’re stunned you should always win fights. This is going to be an aggressive lane so take ignite for early kills. Once you’re ahead try to freeze the lane and deny farm. Don’t let her wave clear while harassing you by standing next to your minions.

Runes and Itemization

In terms of build this is a standard lane. You can take either Press the Attack or Electrocute, either work fine on Fizz. If they have a lot of AP you can consider an MR stat rune. 

Zhonya’s, Banshee’s and Hextech Protobelt are all wise choices into Syndra. You can use Zhonya’s to block her ult, Banshee’s to block her stun, and protobelt for the extra mobility.

For more information on building Fizz, take a look at this Mobafire guide.

A sample Fizz build:

Standard fizz build

Countering Syndra as Fizz: Late game

Try to find slippery entrances into teamfights from angles your enemies will never expect. Fizz is only useful late game if he can land a real big shark on a squishy and take them out of the game. Flanking Syndra and taking her out will do your team a great service if you can do it before she dishes out her damage. 

Syndra’s passive means that by level 18 she is dealing ridiculous damage. Don’t let yourself get caught out by CC and keep that Zhonya’s on hand. Don’t engage straight on but find the opening from the side. Syndra might also buy Zhonya’s so keep that cooldown in mind. You can always go for an ADC instead. Remember that QSS doesn’t cancel your ult.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is definitely a winnable lane for Fizz. You will always have to respect Syndra’s damage but she will always have to respect your E. Landing big sharks will give you kills. Go out there and make ‘em regret not banning the Tidal Trickster.

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