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How To Counter Renekton With Cassiopeia

It’s Croc versus Snek. This is How To Counter Renekton With Cassiopeia.

There are three reasons why you could be reading this article:

  1. Handling Renekton in the top lane is difficult. You’re looking for a champion who can actually put up a fight in lane
  2. You’re a mid lane main who for some reason got put up against this bruiser with an insane early game. Now you’re looking for a counter to make sure you never go 0/5 again.
  3. You main Cassio and just want to know how to deal with Renekton if you see him in either lane.
No matter why you’re here, if you want to learn how to beat Renekton, then you have come to the right place.

Renekton’s early game is incredible. He has high mobility, CC and sustain, all at just level 3. If you are looking for a champion who just outright wins lane against Renekton, that champion just doesn’t exist. Beating Renekton is about surviving the early game with as much farm as possible while using the fact that he gets outscaled as the game goes on to your advantage.

Who better to do that with than Cassio, a fine laner who scales well into the late game and has a few tricks up her sleeve to stop Renekton from being such a pain in lane. We are going to cover how to play against Renekton with Cassio with laning mechanics, itemization and late game strategy.

For this particular match-up Cassio top will work fine if you can play it well enough. It will only be a dangerous decision if your team lacks a front line, so be conscious of that before you take this snaky up the top lane.

Before we get into lane mechanics, make sure you know how Renekton’s abilities work. Check them out here.

Cassiopeia vs Renekton: Laning

Objective: Farm and survive

All you have to do in this lane is farm and survive. That’s easy to say until Renekton is suddenly on top of you and you have no way out, but there are ways you can prevent him from ever getting to you. Renekton has one source of mobility: His E. But there ain’t no way he can E when you have put your W down, and he can’t flash either.

Your ground is a powerful effect which you are going to have to use wisely in order to stay alive in lane. Renekton can only dash twice if he hits an enemy on his first dash. Remember that if he is chasing you down.

Keeping your distance

Use your W when Renekton is getting too close for comfort. If you find him closing in it’s time to put a W down. Renekton cannot dash while he is in your W, but he can dash through it. That means there are cases where putting your W down between you and him won’t do anything for you. For that reason it’s best to try and land your W on him so you have the most time possible for kiting and running. While he is slowed and grounded, land a Q for the movement speed boost it will give you. The key to staying alive is staying mobile and far away from Renekton.

Saving your ult

Your next way out of a fight will be your ult. It should be a last resort, but it will save you from flash-dashes from Renekton, which, if you are landing your W enough, should be the only way for him to get to you. You can also use it to stun him under your tower if he gets cheeky enough to dive you. Save it for when you need it most.

Farming under tower

Renekton can only sustain by clearing waves, and Renekton’s often rush Tiamat. This means it’s difficult for him to freeze lane. If Renekton gives you the opportunity to just farm under tower the entire time, take it. Farming under tower is an ideal situation for Cassio because you can just use your E to farm without losing any mana as long as you kill the minion. An E and a basic attack is enough to kill a caster minion after 1 turret shot and and a melee minion after two at any level.

It’s going to be difficult, but farming and staying alive is your sole objective in this lane. You can harass, but it’s going to put you too close for comfort. Keep enough space between you and him to make sure you’re never in dire danger. If he gets to you, you’re dead.

Runes and items


You have two options when it comes to runes. You can either run Conqueror, the usual choice for Cassio, which will scale well into the late game, but it won’t help you early. Or, you can run Phase Rush, which will increase your survivability in the early game and allow you to trade easier. Take Phase Rush if you aren’t worried about your team’s late game and you are more focused on making sure that you don’t feed Renekton. Take Conqueror if your team needs the late game AP carry.


For items, you need Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible to start building up that mana pool. After that you can buy Seeker’s Armguard for its armor and AP, then finish Tear into Archangels. Build Seeker’s into Zhonyas.

At this point, you have the option to go for either Liandry’s or Rylai’s. Go for Liandry’s if you are starting to scale and putting up a challenge for Renekton, it will give you more damage and kill potential. If you’re still struggling, buy Rylai’s to be able to kite better and for extra survivability. You can use Rylai’s to work out some ganks with your jungler by kiting from a distance, just try not to give Renekton a double kill. He’s more than capable of it.

Cassiopeia vs Renekton: Late game

The longer the game lasts, the easier it gets. Your movement speed from your passive will start to scale, as well as your items and damage. Renekton gets weaker and weaker. If a duel comes around you should be able to easily kite him and grind him down with your E, but all while still keeping your distance.

Renekton may fall off late game, but he still has kill potential if he can get to you and you fail to kite him. In teamfights, keep him CCd and away from your backline. Use your ult to stun him and the rest of the enemy team’s frontline. If you made it to the late game without feeding, you won your lane.

Final thoughts

This is a reptilian match-up of note. Snek vs Croc. Keep a large space between you and that croc. Running in zig-zags isn’t going to be enough. (You only need to run away from real crocs in zig zags. Not this croc.). Reach the late game and your power will spike, and you will be able to look at your teammates with an ever-so-satisfying “I told you so”, for they doubted your Cassio top.

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