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How To Counter Mordekaiser With Vayne

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Vayne may be a difficult champ, but this is not a difficult match-up. If you can train your Vayne to be useful in the late game, for which she has huge potential, she might be worth picking up for playing in the top lane, especially for matchups like this. Although Vayne has a miserable early game, if you can get past this weak stage without feeding then the late game will be enjoyable.

If you’re good enough to survive, you’re good enough to thrive

In this here matchup it won’t be too tough to do either. We’re going to give you the breakdown on how to lane, build and teamfight against a Mordekaiser.

A weak laning phase is the core reason for Vayne’s low win rate in the top lane. She’s vulnerable to ganks, and if she dies early she will struggle to get back on track. There are many matchups in which Vayne has no chance and shouldn’t be picked in the top lane. Mordekaiser ain’t one of them.

Before we get into the mechanics of playing against Mordekaiser as Vayne, if you don’t have a grasp of how Mordekaiser works check out his gameplay preview here.

As for Vayne, make sure you have some practice on this champ before taking her into ranked in the top lane. She’s a toughy.

Mordekaiser vs Vayne: Laning

Space and range

In this lane you are going to have the space and range which will allow you to farm up and deliver retribution unto the evil doers of the enemy team in the late game. As long as you can stay alive and farm efficiently you will be fine. Your greatest early game weakness is your vulnerability to ganks. Don’t push the lane in and maintain enough vision. If you’re low on HP, rather back and teleport or walk back to lane when the opportunity arises. Mordekaiser can delete you with ease if he gets close enough. But you aren’t going to let that happen.

Saving your Q

Save your Q to dash Mordekaiser’s pull. His Q may do a lot of damage, but the only way you will die before level 6 is if he can land a pull on you, so don’t waste your Q dodging his. Weave in basic attacks as he farms, and you will find that poking him down isn’t that difficult. Land as many triplets of basic attacks as possible, you will grind down his HP and force him to back.

Fortune favours farm difference

However, don’t get too cocky, it will lead to your sudden, swift and saddening death. If you can’t dodge his abilities, stay far enough away to make sure he can’t hit you with them. Even though there will be ample opportunity to poke, you should be concentrating on farming, freezing the lane and not getting hit by minion aggro. You have an advantage in the early game here, but all you have to do is go even with this Mordekaiser and you will be rewarded in the late game by virtue of the fact that you are playing Vayne.

The level 6 duel

Complications arise at level 6. Dodging and kiting skills are going to come in handy when you are on holiday in the Death Realm. Your ult has a much lower cooldown than his in the early game. Try to save it to use against him when he ults, because it is going to do a lot for you in the tight 1v1 situation. Just like in lane, your goal once you’ve been ulted will be to stay as far away from Mordekaiser as possible, while still landing basic attacks.

Using walls

Use your environment to your advantage. Stun Mordekaiser during his ult with your E and he might get sad about the fact that he can’t cancel it. Using nearby bushes and invisibility from your R, juke the Mordekaiser around his own playing field to cut the time of the ult. All you need to do is survive for 7 seconds. Don’t try landing basic attacks during his ult if it means he catches up to you. Your absolute priority is to stay alive until his ultimate ends.

The longer the game lasts, the harder it will be for Mord to take you out with his ultimate. Just keep on farming, and keep on not dying, and you will lane fine with Vayne against Mordekaiser.

Runes and items to counter Mord with Vayne


You have a lot of options when it comes to runes. The go-to rune for Vayne is Press the Attack, because of how well it synchronises with her passive W. Running up top lane gives you a couple other options. Fleet Footwork will make sure you have the mobility to stay alive during Mordekaiser’s ult as well as provide you with a bit of lane sustain and mobility. Press the Attack is an option, but you might get punished for trying to land 3 stacks too often and die being caught by an abrupt pull. It works well against other champs, but if you don’t trust yourself without the mobility consider other keystone options.

Grasp of the Undying could serve as a go between. On the one side, you will be using it to easily poke him down, without having to expend your Q to do so. It may not provide as much damage as PtA, but it won’t be as little as Fleet Footwork. It also gives you sustain, a bit of health and aid in the 1v1 ultimate situation. It’s unorthodox, but it’s worth considering.

The classic Vayne top build

The normal on-hit Vayne build will do you a solid here. Build BORK first to use in the early ultimates, then Guinsoos and the rest of the goodies. There are a few items to consider if things are going wonky. Executioner’s calling will prevent healing for Mordekaiser, which you may find a problem if he is picking up a lead. If the 1v1s aren’t going your way, buy QSS to escape his ult, and you can build it into a Mercurial Scimitar late game. Other items you can consider if there is a lot of magic damage coming from the enemy team would be a Wits End, Merc Treads or if things are desperate, a Maw of Malmortius.

Late game

Late game come you shouldn’t have any problems taking out Mordekaiser in 1v1s. Your Q and R will be too much to handle for him, and you will be dancing around him as he tries to catch you. Make sure you either kill him if he ults you or survive. The same things you had to think about in the laning phase apply here. Use your environment, use your ult and stay alive rather than risk death.

Final thoughts

Playing Vayne in any lane is tough, top lane especially. It will challenge your kiting and survivability. This is one of the most viable times to take her up there without difficulty caused by a counter. Apply the knowledge we have given you, and you will counter Mordekaiser with Vayne.

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