How to enjoy League of Legends

Summary on how to enjoy League more:
  1. Take breaks
  2. Play with friends
  3. Balance improvement with enjoyment
  4. Don’t flame

This article covers how to enjoy League, and stop hating it. 

League of legends is many things. It’s popular, addictive, and competitive. What underlies all three of these factors is that it’s fun. It’s a game that was made to be enjoyed. It’s not there to make you suffer. Sometimes it does though. Sometimes we ask ourselves why we even play it. This article is here to help you to let go of all these negative thoughts and feelings. It will remind you why you play League, why it’s worth playing, and how you can enjoy your time spent on this amazing game. 

These tips aren’t in any particular order. You could start just by choosing one to focus on at a time and you’ll find it good enough to help you have a good time. 

Take breaks

You have undoubtedly heard of gaming addiction. Being one of the most popular games in the world, it’s not surprising that many people are addicted to League. Although you may not consider yourself addicted, it’s worth considering how a strong compulsion to play League for extended periods of time without breaks can lead to negative psychological consequences.

As you play more and more, you will want to play more and more, building up dopamine tolerance to what you find satisfying in League. This could lead to a cycle of playing more League without actually generating as much satisfaction. One of the best ways to work around this is to simply take days off. Make yourself bored for a day, and feel what it’s like not playing League, or even games. Coming back to something after taking a break from it is much more satisfying than playing it throughout. 

Obviously gaming addiction is serious and you may need external help to deal with it. If you think you may have a problem don’t be afraid to get help and remember that there are many other people struggling with it.

Play with friends, or find people to play with

League isn’t all about solo q. It’s a team game after all. You will find playing with friends, especially in a team of 5, very entertaining. League is all about communication and teamwork, and when you’re on voice chat with friends you have access to that aspect. If none of your friends are interested in playing Lol, there are multiple ways of finding people to play with. You could even just make friends directly while playing League with randoms. If you’d rather try finding someone specific, try these sources:

Balance improvement with enjoyment

Everyone is different. Some people love working their way up the ranks, and some just love a good ol aram. You need to find the balance between playing League to improve and playing it just to enjoy yourself. This is even if the former grants the latter. 

The other day I was playing a ranked flex in which 2 of our players couldn’t connect at the beginning, so a remake was guaranteed. I knew there was no chance of them reconnecting because we were premade. So myself and the other two players just took the 4 minutes to enjoy ourselves. Essentially, we trolled. It felt different, like a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time. All of a sudden I wasn’t focused on how good I could be in the game, I was only focused on how I could make the most of the 4 minutes.

But wait

Now, please don’t go into games and troll. This was a special occasion which had little to no consequences on the people who engaged in it. All I’m saying is play League just to have fun every now and then. Play an urf, a normal or an aram. Try out that champ or build you’ve always wanted to. Find the right amount of fun.

At the same time, don’t give up on getting better. There are so many aspects to this enigma of a video game, and the more you learn about it the more complex you realize it is. Improving can be greatly gratifying, and all improvement takes is time, focus, and maybe a better internet connection. 

Don’t flame

Sometimes the summoner’s code just isn’t pushed through to players, no matter how many times they’re banned. Maybe it’s because they don’t realize flaming is as bad for them as it is for others. Taking out anger on other people as a way of venting just leads to more aggressive behaviour. If you don’t believe me google “Catharsis of aggression” and see whether the studies believe it works. 

If you do flame, it can be difficult to stop. League is an emotionally intensive game. It’s easy to switch from excitement into despair. But you’ll find yourself returning to positive emotions faster in both the long run and the short run if you aren’t spending time telling people how bad they are. 

Before you report…

Very few people play League with the intention of losing. When you find someone who you think did lose on purpose, there is a specific report button you can press and the end of the game. Abusing that report button, however, is just counter-productive. Asking your team and the enemy team to report your jungler just because he is having a bad game just doesn’t make sense. The point of the report is to reduce the amount of players who are bad for the game, not bad at the game. Illegitimate reports reduce the effectiveness of the system. 

So next time someone plays bad in one of your games, do the only thing that you can: take responsibility. You can’t control his mouse and keyboard. You can control the way you communicate to him and the way you play yourself. It will lead to better team performance, and everyone will be happier.

Final thoughts

You might already be in accord with all of these tips. You might disagree with all of them. Just remember I wrote them to help you, nothing else. I hope that they will.

Another way of enjoying League more is finding the right champion. We’ve covered our top 5 most satisfying champions to play here.

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