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How To Counter Yasuo With Malzahar

Why do you need to know how to counter Yasuo with Malzahar?Yasuo is a difficult, but satisfying champion. He sates the desires of those who seek 1v5 pentakills which make themselves look brilliant. Most of the time, it’s because they are. Mastering Yasuo takes hours upon hours of practice, and those willing to put in the work reap what they sow. Yasuo players in lower elos are vulnerable to the mistakes they make.

Yasuos can be played against, especially with Malzahar.

Malzahar’s lack of projectiles, suppressive ult, wave clear and anti-knock-up passive allow him to be a strong counter against Yasuo. Low elo Yasuos can be abused by competent Malzahars who know how to take advantage of his mistakes. Through a brief discussion of the laning phase, itemization and teamfights in the late game, you can have a malefic vision of how to whip up Fried Yasuo for your voidlings.

Yasuo Vs Malzahar: Laning

Why does he have a dash with no cooldown?

Yasuo’s abilities are simple. It’s the way they can be used which makes them so complicated. It’s a good idea to have a look at them here. You can, of course, play around them. Managing your passive, which will prevent Yasuo’s ability to knock up and ult you, will prove vital in staying alive during the laning phase. Use your range and dodging skills to make sure he never gets close enough to take away your passive

You can also use your range to harass in lane. Pop Yasuo’s passive shield off whenever it’s full and you see the opportunity to land a sneaky basic attack, followed by an E, and even a Q if he doesn’t have any minions to use to dodge it. Knowledge of the functionality of Yasuo’s E and his EQ combo is vital. Yasuo can only dash (E) through the same target once every 10 seconds before he starts to upgrade it around level 11. He dashes straight through the target, and can use this to dodge your Q. You have to find the right opportunities to Q Yasuo, which might require geometrical proficiency.

Vision matters!

The biggest difference between low elo Yasuo’s and those who make it to diamond and above is ward score. Take advantage of a visionless Yasuo and set up an easy gank with your ult and a jungler. The only things which can cancel your ult will be if you are disabled during it or a QSS. Cleanse won’t work on your ult, nor his. Yasuos don’t normally build Mercurial Scimitar. If you force him to rush QSS you will be preventing a lot of his early damage. It will also mess with his build.

Keep an eye on passives

If your passive is up it makes it difficult for Yasuo to ult you. He won’t be able to land a knock-up from a distance, as long your passive blocks it. At close range however, he can EQAAR you and get away with it, popping your passive off with the first abilities allowing him to follow up with a knock-up.. What’s the lesson? Don’t let him get into close range. Stay as far away from your minions as possible and he won’t be able to dash to get to you. If he gets too confident and you find him out of position at half hp or lower, with your ult, a fully stacked W, your E and ignite you have enough damage to send him from hero to zero.

Building against Yasuo with Malzahar


Run Summon Aery and you will make the laning phase a pain for Yasuo. Consider running inspiration as a secondary. A stopwatch could come in handy early game if Yasuo is somehow able to land a knock-up. It will cut down the price of the Zhonya’s Hourglass which you should be picking up in this type of game.

The Usual

Pick up Luden’s first, the maximum mana you gain works like a charm. With your E and you’ll never have trouble pushing lanes through. If times are tough, pick Zhonya’s up straight afterwards, otherwise run Liandry’s for extra poke. If you’re finding the lane easy, pick up Liandry’s before a Rylai’s to show Yasuo what point and click poke means.

Late game and teamfights

Your goal in the late game is to stay alive, poke the enemy team down with QEW and wait for an opportunity to pick an enemy carry off with your ult. By the time you’ve got all your items in the late game, if you can land a full QEWR Combo without your ult being cancelled you will be able to take carries out from full HP. Look out for who has a QSS and who doesn’t, and when the ones who do have used it. If Yasuo lands a dirty 4 man knock-up into ult do your team a favor and ult him, it will cancel/prevent his ult. Well timed silences can also prevent a lot of Yasuo’s damage, so work those angles.

Final thoughts

You should be fine in the laning phase and scale well into the late game when playing Malzahar against Yasuo. It is essential to spend as little time in the air as possible, as far away from Yasuo as possible, unless you have a cheeky combo you want to show him. Vary the order of your build according to how well you’re performing, but it should finish up the way it usually does. Stay alive and far away from danger in teamfights, but look out for opportunities to punish enemies for their arrogance. Who do they think they are anyway? Do they know who you are? Not yet, but they won’t be forgetting.

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