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How to Counter Vayne with Caitlyn

Keep the fuzzy cuffs at home

Everyone tells you pick Caitlyn to counter Vayne but somehow you are still losing this favourable matchup and making your opponent feel like Uzi. This guide will tell you exactly why and how you can put Vayne in cuffs the whole matchup.

Cait vs Vayne: Quick tips

  • Get off as many auto attacks as you can on Vayne. You have a big range advantage. Use it.
  • When Vayne tumbles towards you, disengage with your E + Q combo. Then kite her as she will have no escape. 
  • Vayne is simple to deal with as Cait, so it’s important to take into account who the support is.

Vayne is one of the strongest late game ADCs

Due to her high mechanical skill level and 1v5 late game potential, Vayne is one of the most popular ADCs in League of Legends. This tricky but dangerous ADC has immense damage output late game. Our job as Piltover’s Sheriff is to stop her from getting there by bullying her in the laning phase.

Laning against Vayne as Caitlyn

Range advantage

Caitlyn’s significant range advantage over Vayne is the key to winning this classic matchup. The foundation of our plan is to auto Vayne without allowing her to retaliate. This is done through auto spacing. This is an example of perfect auto-spacing by one of the best ADCs in Korea DRX Deft. 

Watch this video at 0.5 speed to fully grasp the concept of auto-spacing. As you can see Deft moves in and autos Kai Sa then quickly turns around in order to move out of her auto range. Once out of her range he moves in again, autos, and moves out to safety. This video displays auto-spacing with two champions with the same range. It is much easier to execute this technique as Caitlyn into Vayne due to the 100 range advantage you possess. Doing this correctly will allow you to easily out poke Vayne and control the lane.

Headshot (Passive)

Caitlyn’s basic attacks generate a stack of Headshot, once having 6 stacks your next auto will proc headshot. Using the brush is essential in the early game as it grants two times the headshot stacks. The key here is to use the brush without giving Vayne the chance to Condemn (E)  you. You will only be stunned if Vayne manages to shoot you into a wall or terrain.

90 Caliber Net (E)

Caitlyn’s E is a great disengage tool which makes it especially hard for Vayne to close the range gap. Vayne will often Tumble (Q) toward you in order to get an auto off, save your E for these moments as this will chunk Vayne’s HP bar and stop her from getting close enough to have an effective trade. This can also be an opportunity to land your E-Q combo on Vayne dealing mega damage. 

Here is an example of the E-Q combo.

Countering Vayne as Cait: Itemization

Infinity Edge

You are always going to rush infinity edge as the damage output from this item is insane and is thus Caitlyn’s most important item. 


Stormrazor’s Edge is a must as the initial slow stops Vayne from getting close enough to auto Cait, thus giving Cait the chance to get free autos off on Vayne. 

Quicksilver sash

Your biggest problem and pretty much the only way Vayne can be triumphant in this matchup is if she manages to land a successful condemn (E) which will stun you for 1.5 seconds. Buying an early Quicksilver Sash will solve this problem as its unique active removes all crowd control debuffs. 

Rapid Fire Cannon

Getting your hands on an early Rapid Firecannon is going to make trading easier and will further your range advantage allowing you to keep a safe distance between you and the Night Hunter (Vayne) as Sharpshooter Rapid Firecannon’s unique passive will grant you +35% attack range on energized attacks which are generated by movement and basic attacks. Having these items will make this matchup a walk in the park and will make it unplayable for the Vayne player, allowing you to comfortably beat Vayne with Caitlyn. 

A sample Caitlyn build:

Sample Caitlyn Build

For more information on building Caitlyn check out this Mobafire guide.


Fleet Footwork

Fleet footwork is the best rune into Vayne as it allows for easier kiting and sustain in lane. This plays to Cait’s strengths buffing up her laning tremendously and giving Vayne an even harder time trading in lane. 

Sorcery or Inspiration

Sorcery is generally the best choice for the secondary tree, taking Nimbus and Gathering is standard as the extra mobility and late game damage is always nice. Gathering stops you from falling off late compared to Vayne. If you feel confident in the matchup you can opt for Absolute Focus over Nimbus for the extra laning pressure early. 

Inspiration can be good when Vayne has a support with sustain and you do not as it makes it easier to navigate through early laning. The best options for Inspiration is Biscuits and Magical Footwear, which provides early sustain and movement speed which is always welcome on adc.

Sample Caitlyn Runes

Caitlyn vs Vayne: Late Game


Position at the back of your team during teamfights in order to stay alive and deal the most damage possible.

Trap placement

Your job as Cait late game is to set up traps in choke-points prior to teamfights. This gives the enemy the annoying job of either walking around all the traps or right into a painful head shot. These setups delay the enemies advance on your team and can often secure your team an objective.

It is useful to keep one trap so that you can block an enemy trying to engage on you.

Typical trap setups by dragon:

Ace in the hole
Vayne’s ultimate, final hour, allows Vayne to go invisible as she tumbles (Q) for a short period.
Caitlyn’s ultimate, ace in the hole, is an amazing way to counter Vayne ultimate as it grants true sight of its target. Activating Ace in the Hole on Vayne will reveal her and make it easy for your team to collapse on her. This takes away Vayne’s ability to outplay in teamfights.

Final thoughts

The longer this game goes on the more difficult it will be to win. Use your early range advantage to end it as soon as possible.

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