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How To Counter Ornn With Singed

Countering Ornn with Singed, another day in the life of a top laner.

Once upon a time, Ornn was just your average top laner who got picked occasionally. Playing against him wasn’t scary. Then everything changed when the Buff Nation attacked. Free upgradeable items? Unstoppable during his W? More upgradeable items?

Ornn reigns as God of the Forge in the top lane.

With tankiness, early damage and a strong late game he seems to be one of those champs that should just be banned every game. Until you find out how to play against him that is. Here at Champion Counters we preach that every champion can be played against. Ornn is no exception. Of the champions best to do it with, Singed will be one of the easiest. We’re going to discuss why and how by showing you how to lane, build and teamfight against Ornn as Singed.

First things first, make sure you know how the Fire below the Mountain’s abilities work. Check out his champion spotlight here.

Singed vs Ornn: Laning

Level 1

Ornn has one of the strongest level 1 1v1s against melee champions in the game. Singed not so much. Ornn’s early damage comes from his W, when he splits flames. Baiting out Ornn’s W is the secret to finding worthwhile trades. Ornn will try to have quick trades in which he can pop off all his cooldowns, do all his damage and disengage. If you can avoid as much damage as possible when he has his cooldowns, then force him to stay in a trade for longer than he’d like to, you will come out winning trades.

Timing your throws

The trick to keeping an Ornn in a trade is knowing when to E. Never E an Ornn while he is casting his W. It won’t do anything, because Ornn is unstoppable for that period of time. Instead, bait Ornn’s W out, making sure to not get hit by the final breath. Or E him if he gets too close and looks like he is going to W. Dodging the final breath is essential to winning trades against Ornn. If he’s wasted his W, give him a throw over the shoulder into a pile of glue. Then run circles round him with your Q. The longer a trade goes on for, the longer it will be in your favor.

When to back

Ornn’s passive means he doesn’t have to back to buy items. Except consumables. After a few long trades Ornn should be left low on health and mana. That will your opportunity to back without losing any plates, or to get a few plates yourself.

Cancel his ult

If Ornn’s ult is giving you trouble, you can cancel the second cast of it with your W! Your W grounds, and Ornn has to dash to hit the Ram back.

Getting ganks

Getting a succesful gank from your jungler is feasible against Ornn. He has his E to escape, but he can’t activate it if he is grounded by your W. That gives you and your jungler ample to time to position yourself to do enough damage to kill him. Once he’s out of your glue, try to E him back into it to snare him. He’ll only be able to give you two trouble if he’s ahead, but even then you should be able to kite him back to his tower and possibly pick up some shutdown gold.


Avoid hugging walls. If you are next to a wall Ornn can stun you with his E and without his Q. If you see the opportunity and you have the reflexes, you can cancel Ornn’s dash with your E. Ornn will be easier to deal with as you get more items. It’s best to avoid unnecessary trades where he can get out easily without giving you a chance to deal some damage. 

Mid game is going to be the best time to take on Ornn. When you’ve got some items but before Ornn’s has given his teammates his. Take advantage of the strong mid game while trying your best to go even in the early game.

Items and runes


You know what time it is. It’s Conqueror time. Conqueror will help you when you manage to get a long trade off against Orrn. It will also make your healing and damage broken in the late game, when you are going to be most useful. It’s the best rune to take for Singed, especially in this match-up.

Merc Treads

Rush Merc Treads. Most of Ornn’s early damage is magic damage, and the extra movement speed is going to help you dodge his W and help you during trades. After that, buy Liandry’s for the load of damage it will add on to extended trades against Ornn. Then buy Rylai’s for kiting. Continue to build as you normally would.

Teamfighting against Ornn as Singed

Getting ahead

Playing against Ornn in the late game isn’t so much as a problem as playing against his teammates and their upgraded items. There isn’t much you can do about that except trying to get your team ahead in the mid game before the enemies can get their items. Each item comes as Ornn levels up from level 13 – 18.

Cancel the ult

When it comes down to teamfights, save your W for Ornn. Rather than slowing down enemy carries it much more worth it to cancel the second cast of Ornn’s ult. It will take a bit of timing but it will help tremendously in fights. After you have done that you can get down to running around the enemy team. Don’t forget to activate your Q. That’s a painful mistake to make.

Final thoughts

Ornn may be an infamous tank shredding tank, but you can play around that. You have a few abilities which work well against his kit. Take advantage of the opportunities we’ve discussed and you will counter Ornn with Singed.

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