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How To Counter Nasus With Teemo

Countering Nasus with Teemo is essential to climb the ranks in the top lane. 

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Taking down the Big Dog

There is no doubt that you will come face to face with the dog some time in your career. The lane of Nasus vs Teemo is a famous one. Teemo is notoriously known as one of Nasus’s biggest counters. For good reason too. If you know how to lane, build and teamfight against a Nasus as Teemo, you’ll know why he counters him.

Nasus’s abilities are simple enough. If you don’t know how they work, have a look at them here.

Nasus Vs Teemo: Laning

Why Nasus hates Teemo

What you can accomplish in the laning phase is why Teemo counters Nasus. Your kit has everything Nasus hates: Early damage, range and a blind. You’re going to use all 3 to get an early advantage. With your early advantage, you’re going to find ganks and objectives to spread the lead. The only way you’re going to win this game is if the rest of your team pulls through. You can help them do so.

So how are you going to get that early advantage? Poke. Nasus can’t stop you from poking him down, and he needs to farm. The longer you prevent Nasus from stacking, the longer he stays out of game. The longer he stays out of game, the higher the chance you have you bringing your team into it. Deny Nasus’s stacks by denying his farm. Max E to maximise your poke damage. Save your Q for denying him from stacking cannon minions. Don’t waste your Q cooldown and mana on denying normal lane minions. When there isn’t a cannon minion in sight, don’t worry about blinding him. Just focus on harassing him with your basic attacks.

Wave management

When it comes to wave management, Nasus hates two things: A frozen lane and a pushed in lane. Freeze the lane when you don’t know where the enemy jungler is. You have to stay safe in this match-up because one death will mark the beginning of the end for you. When you know the jungler is bot or dead, push the lane in. You will be able to deny Nasus’s Q stacks, get damage off on his tower and even harass him as he tries to pick up the scraps under his tower.

Getting the first tower

Getting Nasus’s tower as early as possible will let you start helping your team early. The sooner you start helping your team the better. One cannot stress Nasus’s late game strength hard enough. You can stop him from stacking in the early game, but he will find time to stack eventually. It’s his first priority. Your first priority is to end the game. You don’t want to face a Nasus with 700 stacks, no matter how hard you think you counter this dog. No one counters 700 stacks.

An early gank

So concentrate on winning that lane. If you can freeze the lane well enough to create space for a gank you’ve done well. Watch Nasus. You can tell when he’s warded and when it isn’t a good idea to call your jungler. If he hasn’t, an early kill will make this lane ever more painful for him. On the other hand, an early kill on you will turn an easy lane into a painful snowballing hell. Keep your river or tri bush warded and don’t push the lane in when you don’t know where the jungler is.

The mushroom minefield

At level 6, use a few mushrooms to set up a good defense against ganks. Then use the rest to set up a kite path to stop Nasus from ever getting to you. Place them along the sides of the lane, so they don’t get activated by lane minions but they do get activated when Nasus gets cheeky and tries to set up a 1v1.

Harass efficiently. Make sure your E is always ticking on him. Use the brushes to your advantage. Walk into them to stop minion aggro after a few auto attacks. He will also try to use brushes to his advantage. When you’re level 6, pop spare mushrooms in brushes. If you become lord of the brush in this game you will be doing even more to prevent him from farming.

Win lane, win game

Winning this lane is vital to winning this match. You need that early advantage so you can spread it round to your teammates. Don’t let this game go late. You will regret it.

Building against Nasus as Teemo


For runes, run Summon Aery. Its lane harass piles on top of the struggles Nasus is going to have to go through against you. If your team has AP, and lacks a tank, it could be an opportunity to break the meta. Have you heard the legend of Tankmo the Greatest? If you run Grasp of the Undying, you will pick up endless stacks while still harassing with power. Grasp deals a surprising amount of damage. It’s also going to give you some sustain, which you’re going to need. Damage from minion aggro and Nasus’s E can be painful. Grasp can fix that.


Don’t rush Nashor’s Tooth. It’s useful when you need to be able to 1v1, but you don’t need that here. Rush Liandry’s for harass then Rylai’s for kiting. Then you can consider Nashor’s and all the other goodies. If you’re running Tankmo, still go for Liandry’s first. Instead of a Rylai’s and a Nashor’s Tooth, buy Frozen Mallet and Wit’s End. MR may seem stupid, but Nasus does do quite a bit of AP damage in the early – mid game.

Late game

There will always be that game where you couldn’t end it quick enough and Nasus got his stacks. That is what this section is for: Handling Nasus with Teemo in the late game.

A useful blind

If Nasus has Phase Rush, which he should in this match-up, he’s going to be quick. He’s going to try run from teammate to teammate, stacking one after the other. Prevent this! Blind him and you take out tons of his late game damage, which all comes from his Q. Slow him with your mushrooms. Keep mushrooms set around dragon and baron so when a teamfight comes you’ll be prepared.

That’s pretty much all you can do once it gets to late game. If you helped your teammates enough, you’ll be fine. If you didn’t you’re going to have trouble.

Teemo isn’t known as the notorious counter against Nasus for nothing. Apply these tips and you’ll see why.

What’s that old phrase again? Fly like a Teemo. Sting like a Beemo.

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