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How To Counter Mordekaiser With Fiora

Quick Tips

  • Mordekaiser’s only form of poke is his Q
  • Keep trades as short as possible
  • Block his pull
  • Spread your early lead
  • Start Doran’s Blade
  • Conqueror and Trinity Force
Mordekaiser is a beefy AP Bruiser with a kit packed full of damage, sustain and unique mechanics.

Fiora has a kit which works well against Mordekaiser. She can dodge Qs with her Q, block and ricochet stuns and put up a fight in 1v1 duels. She has a high win rate against Mordekaiser for a reason. In this article we are going to cover how to use laning mechanics, itemization and late game strategy to counter Mordekaiser as Fiora. 

Make sure you know how Mordekaiser works before we get started. You can have a look at his gameplay preview here.

Fiora vs Mordekaiser: Laning

An early lead

The goal of this lane will be to get an early lead, spread it and end the game. Fiora is good late game, but letting the game drag on will give Mordekaiser time to get back into the match. 

Go for vitals only

Even though Mordekaiser has a strong level 3 all in Fiora can still bully him and deny CS. For the first three levels freeze the lane and only go for vitals. Mordekaiser will have to stay back and let the wave push in because he will take too much damage if you can land a Q on a vital.

Keep trades short and sweet, just focusing on landing vitals and repositioning. Mordekaiser will only be able to punish you if he can land an E somehow and start a prolonged trade. You won’t win long trades, Mordekaiser will get too much damage off his passive and healing off his W.

Parrying the pull

Your W has the exact same cooldown as Mordekaiser’s pull at rank 1 (24 seconds), and neither of you will be putting points into it until later levels. This means you should always be able to block Mordekaiser’s E and stun him with it if you save your W.


Try to dodge his Q rather than using your Q to avoid it. His Q has a much lower cooldown. He doesn’t have mana so he can spam it as much as he wants. Save your Q instead to hit vitals and force him to stay back while you freeze the lane and deny CS.

Mord’s lack of mobility

Mordekaiser lacks mobility, so he is vulnerable to ganks in that regard. Be careful if you call your jungler in to gank though, because Mordekaiser can use his ult to turn it into a 1v1 and pick up a kill if your jungler is weak enough. If your jungler is behind, rather just let them farm up and get back into the game than getting them to gank because Mordekaiser will take advantage of an extra kill if he can get one. 

Short trades, frozen lane, parrying pull. Then roam or TP to spread the lead. 

Items and runes


Conqueror is a brilliant rule for dueling and late game scaling. It will further the edge you have in duels in which both of you use your ults. The increased damage and healing will help out in teamfights as well.

Tri Force + The Standard

Thanks to the attack damage stacks it provides Trinity Force is great for the duels you will be finding yourself in. The movement speed and spellblade passives also fit perfectly into your kit. You should be able to go for Boots of Swiftness or Berserker’s Greaves, the extra tenacity from Merc Treads won’t help much against Mordekaiser.

Fiora vs Mordekaiser: Late game

Fiora’s ult vs Mord’s ult

An important mechanic to know about is the interaction between Mordekaiser’s ult and yours. If you get all 4 hits off in the Death Realm, then the healing from your ultimate will not transfer back to Summoner’s Rift. It will only come back to the rift if you activate the healing by killing Mordekaiser in the Death Realm, thereby canceling his ultimate and activating yours. 

Heal your whole team

Mordekaiser can force you into healing yourself only in teamfights instead of your whole team. Try to either kill Mordekaiser in the Death Realm with your ult active or activate it after Mord’s ult ends to heal your entire team and not just yourself. Your priority however you should be surviving in the 1v1 to prevent Mord from stealing your stats and teamfighting with them. 

Final thoughts

Mordekaiser can be troublesome to deal with, but if you are able to use these tips to win lane, spread the lead and teamfight against him effectively, you will counter Mordekaiser as Fiora.

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