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How To Counter Lux With Fizz

We’ll be going down the mid streets friends. This is How To Counter Lux With Fizz.

Lux’s high range, wave clear and burst potential make her a potent mid laner.

Past level 6 any squishy she lands a Q on has a high chance of dying if she has ult. Of course, she has her weaknesses. Fizz is the perfect champion to exploit them. We are going to cover how to counter Lux with Fizz through laning mechanics, itemization and late game strategy.

In order to play against Lux you need to know how her abilities work. Have a look at them here.

Fizz vs Lux: Laning

Survive the first 5 levels

Winning this lane depends on surviving the first 5 levels. Until you get your ultimate, Lux is going to poke you down and take advantage of the fact that you lack your all in damage. You need to stay alive, CS as much as possible and engage when you see an opportunity. Even before level 6 if you get get on top of Lux without her landing any abilities she won’t be able to do anything and you will chunk her down.

All in when her abilities are on cooldown

It’s a good time to all in when Lux has used her cooldowns and won’t be able to respond when you are close. She will try to waveclear and poke with her E at the same time. Force her to choose between one or the other by standing away from your own minions.

Save your E

Be careful about when you use your E. It’s a valuable escape and damage dealer. Try not to use it to dodge Lux’s abilities. If you are struggling to dodge rather use your Q instead of your E to move around.

Lux’s vulnerability

A lack of mobility means Lux is always vulnerable to ganks. Let her push the wave in, farm under tower and wait for a gank in which you can all in and get a kill. Lux usually takes defensive summoner spells like barrier or heal. When these are down it’s the perfect opportunity for a gank.

Dodging Lux’s E

To dodge Lux’s E, the large AoE slow, move forward when she casts it instead of backwards. Lux’s prefer to overshoot their Es because they expect you to move backwards once they have casted it.

Level 6 pressure

Once you get level 6, Lux should be scared. If you get a max range ult off on her followed by a full combination she will be at least close to death. Use this pressure to force her to play safe under tower. Catch up on the CS you would have lost in the earlier levels.

Picking up kills in the sidelanes

Fizz is incredible at roaming and picking up kills in the sidelanes. Lux will struggle to follow up your roams, and if she does you can take the opportunity and ambush her in the river with an ult. Otherwise she will have to let you roam and pick up kills bot or top. If you land a max range ult on an ADC it’s almost a guaranteed kill if you can get to that champion. Landing your ult is essential for successful roams. If you manage to pick up kills on the sidelines you can snowball and begin to punish Lux way harder with your abilities.

If she buy’s Banshee’s

Lux might rush Banshee’s Veil to counter your all in. Make sure you take it down with a quick trade before backing off and returning with all your cooldowns for a deadly shark attack. If she does rush Banshee’s it means she will be lacking early damage and you can play more aggressive in lane.

Stay safe and CS under your tower as much as possible from levels 1-5. Once level 6, let your shark smell the blood of squishy ADCs and get your roam going to pick up a lead and begin to snowball. 

You can take TP to deal with the fact that you will be harrassed in lane and need to back. It will also help with roaming and scale well into the late game. Ignite is also a viable option to help you pick up an early kill in lane with an all in.

Runes and items

Electrocute or Spellbook

For runes run the classic Electrocute Fizz. As an AP assassin electrocute is the best rune Fizz can opt for. Unsealed Spellbook could also work, providing you with TP and Ignite when you need them as well as Ghost and Smite for their potential uses.

Corrupting Potion

You must start Corrupting Potion. You are going to need its sustain for the first 5 levels. They are going to be spent under tower getting poked. It will also work well with a Dark Seal, which you can pick up to improve the outcome of your roams. The extra potion healing from the Dark Seal will keep you in lane and you can upgrade it into a Mejai’s if things are going well. An early Protobelt will also help you dodge and find all in opportunities.

Fizz vs Lux: Late game

Teamfighting in the late game as Fizz is all about planning. You have to always know who you are going to target with your ult before you go into a fight. Lux is a worthy option. If she’s bought a Zhonyas or has an active Banshee’s you have to think about that. The ADC is always a good choice, even if they have a QSS it won’t stop the damage from your ult. A strong utility support like Soraka is also worth deleting. Whomever you choose, make sure you land the fish on them, not on the tank in front of them!

Choose careful angles of entrance for teamfights. You want to surprise the enemy team and get to their backline before they can do anything about it. Lux can’t do anything when you’re on top of her so if you see the opportunity to get there take it.

Final thoughts

Lux struggles against all in assassins as long as she can’t poke them down from a range before they get to her. Use this fact and apply the rest of these tips and you will counter Lux as Fizz.

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