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How To Counter Garen With Teemo

Garen is a menacing bruiser who loves to give people trouble in the top lane, sometimes even in the jungle or as an adc with a Yuumi latched on. He’s a tank who can somehow build a Phantom Dancer and Tri force while still taking all sorts of a beating. This article covers how to counter him with Teemo.

There aren’t many ways to counter an experienced Garen, but Teemo is definitely one of them.

Thanks to the love Riot showed for Teemo, he has become a viable choice to be taken top. In the past his tragic late game meant he couldn’t hold up as a worthwhile pick, but with buffs to his shroom count as well as to his damage to epic monsters, his late game presence has been brought to life. 

This means Teemo’s viability to counter Garen is as high as it’s ever been. Previously, it only meant winning the laning phase, but through some discussion of laning, itemization and teamfights/late game, we can show you why and how Teemo counters Garen.

Teemo Vs Garen: Laning Phase


If you play it right, you should have a fun time in lane when playing Teemo against Garen. Your range means it’s going to be difficult for Garen to farm and to initiate fights, both of which you want to try your best to prevent. Garen is a simple champion, which is why he performs so well, but his simplicity works to your advantage too. It means there isn’t much which you can’t expect to see from a Garen.

You have to stay as far away from Garen as possible, while still harassing, farming, and denying. If he can land a Q (His silencing basic attack) on you, it will still silence you even if you blind him before he hits you, and the same applies to the damage from his E. That is important information. It means you need to be ready to activate your W to run away whenever it’s necessary, making sure to do so before he lands a Q on you, which will prevent you from activating your W.


You will never win straight 1v1s against Garen if he is on top of you. You can only do it from a safe range from which you can kite with your mushrooms. Max E first, and use your basic attacks to prevent Garen from healing through his passive, which he only does if he hasn’t taken damage from champions in a while. If he has to hide in the bush until level 6 in order to heal up, freeze the lane and deny his farm. If he has the audacity to farm right in front of your face, grind him down with basic attacks. Whatever you do, just don’t let him get close.

Level 6

Pre 6, keep the lane frozen as much as possible to stay out of the way of dangerous ganks. At level 6 when mushrooms become available, use them to scare off cheeky junglers, and pop them in the bushes in lane to prevent Garen from using their cover to heal up. Even if you don’t get a kill early, you should be able to use the gold advantage gained from farming to be useful for your team. If you’re finding the combination of simultaneously harassing and farming too complicated, rather focus on farming and staying alive. At level 6 Garen’s fighting potential becomes even more dangerous. If he can catch you on low health he will send you to yordle hell with his ult, which scales off missing health.  

Stay safe, alive, and strong.

Itemization and Runes


Your items and runes aren’t going to vary from those you would usually take in the top lane. Runewise, go with Summon Aery to help with lane harassment. If you’re finding it too difficult to stay safe and harass against Garen, run Phase Rush for its escape potential. If you’re a madman who picked Teemo despite the fact that your team doesn’t have a tank, atone for your sins and take Grasp of the Undying. You’ll have no problem picking up tons of stacks. An unconventional strategy, but a Tankmo equipped with a Frozen Mallet and Grasp of the Undying could prove useful in a tankless team which isn’t lacking crowd control.

If you feel like sticking to the meta, run the good ol’ Nashor’s Liandry’s Rylai’s. You might need to opt for magic pen, depending on Garen and the rest of his teammate’s build.

Late Game

Free Tickets To Shroomville

As you approach the late game, your job isn’t going to differ from what it usually is. Your blind won’t stop Garen from grinding down your carries or you in teamfights. With well placed mushrooms you will be able to prevent the mobility of the enemy team, especially their front line. Remember the mushroom mechanic which allows you to throw mushrooms a long distance if you bounce them off each other. Blind and delete the enemy ADC when you find the chance and you will be doing your job as Teemo. Try to mushroom up the map, but don’t die during your efforts to do so. Pick up a blue or red trinket to prevent this.

Final Thoughts

If you can stay alive in lane you will thrive. From beginning to end you will never be able to take Garen on in a fight where he can land a Q on you. Playing against Garen with Teemo is a wise decision. Follow these tips and tricks you should be hearing symphonies of flame coming from the enemy team in no time.

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