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How To Counter Dr Mundo In The Top Lane

Welcome to How To Counter Dr Mundo. Dr Mundo is one of those champions who seems to never die. He has lots of healing, and he can even dish out a fair share of damage in the mid game. He’s dangerous, but he has weaknesses. In this article we are going to cover how to exploit those weaknesses, through laning phase mechanics, itemization and late game strategy.

You’ll be under your tower farming and somehow he’ll dive you, get a kill and walk out with full health

Before we jump in, make sure you have an understanding of Dr Mundo’s kit first. Check out his abilities here.

Laning against Dr Mundo

Mundo’s weak early game

Mundo’s biggest weakness in lane is his early game. His abilities cost him health, which makes trading difficult. He can only start replenishing that damage when he gets his ult at level 6. His only real damage at low levels which can do without losing much health is his Q. Staying behind your minions is the easy way to prevent Dr Mundo’s damage in the early game.

Dodging Qs

The most dangerous time to be hit by a Q is when you are full HP. That is when it will do the most damage since it scales off % Current HP. Mundo will do the most damage with his basic attacks when he is low on health, because his E scales off his % Missing HP.

Getting a kill off on Mundo after level 6 is difficult. His healing from his ultimate is too high. The only way you’ll be able to do it is if you can bait out his ultimate. Force him to use it to stay in lane and to get away from a trade which looks too dangerous for him. Most champions will be able to take on Dr Mundo in a 1v1 early if he doesn’t have his ultimate.

Watch the ult

When Mundo has wasted his ultimate it’s the perfect time to get a gank from your jungler. His ult is his only form of escape, so without it he’s a vulnerable target. Freeze the lane to give your jungler the space he needs to gank. Mundo can only shove the wave with his W at the cost of his own health.

Take advantage of Mundo’s weak early game. His roids start to hit when he picks up a few items. If you can pick up an early lead, then find time to roam to mid or TP bot and spread that lead, it won’t matter that Mundo’s strength picks up in the mid game. He can only punish your carries if they don’t have the items to kite him effectively.

Building against Dr Mundo

Summoner spells

You may be tempted to run ignite against Mundo for its grievous wounds. It has some benefits in theory, but most Mundos will be able to bait out your ignite and save his ult. If you ignite him while he ults he will back off out of the fight and wait for his ult to come back. Its cooldown early is half of that of ignite. Rather take TP. Mundo could outsustain you so may need to be able to get in and out of lane quickly with TP. TP scales better as a summoner spell in the late game than ignite. You won’t need ignite for its grievous wounds late game. By then someone on your team would have acquired grievous wounds through items.


When it comes to runes, Grasp of the Undying will work for most top laners against Mundo. Mundo doesn’t have the early damage to punish you in trades so proccing Grasp will benefit you. It would even work well in this situation on a ranged top laner like Teemo. Mundo won’t be able to punish you for popping off a stack on him. Of course, viable runes vary for every champion, but this isn’t a lane where Grasp won’t work.


With regards to items, you need to focus on getting grievous wounds as soon as possible. For tanks take Bramble Vest, for AD take Executioner’s Calling and for AP take Morellonomicon. These items don’t work for every champion but grievous wounds are vital to stopping Mundo’s healing. Also consider %HP damage items like Blade of the Ruined King and Liandry’s Torment. Mundo will always end up with a lot of HP so these items will be effective at cutting him down.

It’s almost impossible to build specific items to reduce Mundo’s damage. He does magic damage with his Q and W, but physical damage with his E and basic attacks. Building health won’t work too well either. His Q will do more damage depending on how much you have. Rather just build a grievous wound item on top of what you would normally get, and maybe a BORK to cut his max HP down.

Playing against Mundo: Late game

By mid game Mundo will have become difficult to 1v1. The only way you’re going to be able to take him out will be through kiting and peeling. In teamfights do exactly that. The only way Mundo can get to your carries and damage them is by running to them. Peel for your carries if you’re a tank and kite him if you’re playing damage. Be wary of his ability to split push.

Final thoughts

Mundo is at his strongest point in the mid game when he can tank a load of damage while still dealing a fair share. By the time big teamfights come around his usefulness begins to fade. Take advantage of these weaknesses and you will be able to play against Dr Mundo.

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