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How To Counter Diana With Galio

Knowing how to play against Diana as Galio is a must to be able to climb the ranks in League of Legends.

Diana received changes in Preseason 10 which amplified both her win rate and play rate. She is a deadly lunar assassin with high mobility, CC and a good late game for an assassin. The combination of these factors attracts players from across all elos, enough to make her one of the most popular mid laners that players choose. 

Galio romps AP assassins like Diana.

Galio’s build path and kit is made to deal with AP champs. With a bit of magic resist, Galio can turn a Diana all in into an easy kill, provided that he plays the early phase of the game in which he has no magic resist right. He has an ultimate which is perfect for dealing with Diana’s ult in teamfights. He is also easy to pick up as mid laners go, understanding what to do with Galio is not that difficult. In this article, we are going to cover how to counter Diana with Galio with the right laning mechanics, itemization and late game strategy. 

Reworked Diana differs from old Diana substantially. If you don’t know how Diana works, have a look over her abilities here.

Galio vs Diana: Laning

Galio can take Diana on in the laning phase. Their poke against each other is about even, and so are their early all in trades. The problems start arising for Diana once Galio starts getting his items. Before that this lane is about staying alive, poking her down, dodging her skillshot and farming up for your first item. 

Why you need to dodge Crescent Strike

Diana only has one way to poke you and that is with her Q. It’s the ability she will almost always max first so it will be doing a fair share of damage. Being able to dodge Diana’s Q is essential for dealing with her in lane. If you can dodge her Q you can:

  1. Prevent her poke
  2. Prevent her E from having a reset
  3. Allow yourself to regenerate your passive
How you can dodge Crescent Strike

For those 3 reasons it’s important to dodge as many Qs as possible. The skillshot itself is unique. There aren’t any other skillshots that have the shape it does in the game, except for Galio’s Q of course. If you don’t know how to dodge it you will have some trouble if you use your normal dodge techniques. There are a few things you need to know if you are going to dodge her Q.

  1. Her Q always swings from the right, never the left
  2. The crescent line along which the skillshot goes is thin
  3. The explosion of the skillshot at the end of the crescent is large

A good Diana will usually try to hit you with the explosion of the Q. To avoid this, juke left. Sudden and unpredictable shuffles to the left will prevent her from being able to swing her crescent from the right and hit you with either the explosion or the line. 

Trade with Q

Trading with Diana is interesting. For starters, a Q for Q trade will be in your favour. Your Q has a higher cooldown, but it does more damage than hers. If there is an opportunity to take a Q for Q trade, take it. Diana can however use this to prevent you from regaining your shield. Try to avoid this trade if you are about to regain your W shield back.

Winning trades with your passive

Trades will always end up favouring you if you do them with your shield. You can also block the moonlight effect of her Q with your shield which will prevent her from having an E reset. For all in trades when Diana engages you in melee, you just need to wait for her shield to wear off. There’s no point in wasting all your damage on her shield when you can just wait for it go away and re-engage. So if Diana Dashes to you and activates her shield, disengage without activating anything. After 5 seconds, E back in and deal all your damage. She won’t have any cooldowns or ways to escape.

Vision and preventing a snowball

You outscale Diana, so she will most likely try to get an early lead through ganks on other lanes. You have the perfect ult to counter this. Stay in lane for much longer while Diana walks down to bot or top, farm up, and then once she has engaged you can ult through and win the fight. You can also use vision to decrease her roam potential if you are behind or your ult is down. 

Diana’s mobility

Diana only has one form of mobility and that is her E. If it isn’t reset it has a lengthy cooldown of around 20 seconds until she starts to put points into it. It can also only be activated on enemies. This means that there are many situations in which she is vulnerable to ganks. 

Try your best to go even or better in this lane. If you can you will prevent Diana from snowballing and becoming a problem for your other lanes. 

Items and runes


For runes run Arcane Comet always. The poke it adds to your Q is great and it works well with your cooldowns. Make sure you grab Manaflow Band and Scorch as well, they also function well with your Q. 

Banshee’s Veil

For items rush Banshee’s Veil. A spell shield is great for AP assassins who rely deeply on hitting each and every one of their spells to get a proper all in. The magic resist and AP will help you out in lane and as the game goes on. 

Ask yourself: How much MR do I need?

The rest of your build will depend on how much AP the enemy team has and how well you are doing in lane. If they have a lot of AP it’s good to opt for MR anyways because you will still do a lot of damage. Your abilities scale with MR! If you are doing well in lane or your team doesn’t need any more tankiness you can opt for some more damage orientated items like Liandry’s or Luden’s. 

Galio vs Diana: Late game

Diana won’t be able to damage you late game. You will have picked up too much MR and she just doesn’t have enough sustained damage to deal with that. So she will forget about you and go for your ADC. Do your best to keep her from deleting your ADC by always staying between your ADC and Diana. Diana may come from unexpected angles so vision will always be useful to have a good idea of where she is.

Your ult is the perfect counter to Diana’s ult. Diana will try to ult as many enemy champions as possible, so she will look for an opportunity when they are all grouped up. As soon as Diana ults, you need to ult a champion near her and reduce all the incoming damage your friends are about to receive. Do this and you will remove the one useful teamfight mechanic Diana has. 

Use these tips to counter Diana with Galio and you find yourself winning way more games against this lunar assassin.

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